First users report NVIDIA RTX 4090 GPUs with melted 16-pin

NVIDIA may need an issue with some RTX 4090 catching fireplace

Two redditors report that their RTX 4090 graphics playing cards are actually lifeless, and melted energy connectors could be the rationale why.

Redditors reggie_gakil and NoDuelsPolicyy right this moment posted images of their RTX 4090 graphics playing cards with melted 16-pin (aka 12VHPWR) connectors. Their playing cards have gone bust, and NVIDIA’s new 600W may need been the offender.

Burned RTX4090 energy connector/adapter, Source: reggie_gakil & NoDuelsPolicyy

Reggie’s card caught fireplace and there was smoke concerned, whereas Duel’s card merely went lifeless and the melted energy adapter/connector have been later found. Both playing cards the most recent RTX 4090 graphics playing cards, that are the primary fashions within the new lineup to function the 16-pin energy connector.

Before the RTX 4090 card was even launched, a story came up that PCI-SIG (the physique behind the PCIe specs) was involved about ‘thermal variance’ for brand new energy adapters. It was later revealed that it was NVIDIA who reported the problem to PCI-SIG.

After testing numerous implementations of the brand new 12VHPWR connector, the corporate concluded that extreme bending and exceeding connection cycles past 40 might end in thermal hotspots and in some circumstances even melting of the cables.

12VHPWR cable ‘thermal variance’ challenge, Source: PCI-SIG/GamersNexus

Unfortunately, have no idea if these specific playing cards have been affected by the bending challenge, however it’s a indisputable fact that many RTX 4090 customers wrestle to suit their playing cards into the chassis with out bending the cable past the really helpful ‘3 cm’.

Although it was to be anticipated that this may finally occur, it’s nonetheless not search for NVIDIA, who’re the primary adapters of the brand new cable. For now, these are simply the primary two reported circumstances of the brand new playing cards going up in smoke, however there are most likely extra to return. NVIDIA has already reached out to the primary Redditor, so we’d get an announcement later.

Meanwhile, you could need to test Buildzoid’s and JayzTwoCents movies on the topic.

Source: Reddit by way of Wccftech

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