PS5 kexploit: Prosper0gdb (debugger) update + SELF dumper by Sleirsgoevy,

Some good releases for PS5 occurred up to now 24h. Sleirsgoevy up to date his BD-JB implementation for PS5, enhancing prosper0gdb (debugger) help, in addition to including a payload to dump system information. There’s quite a bit to undergo, together with decrypted system information which have been shared (Download hyperlinks on the finish of the article). Let’s dig in!

What is propser0gdb for PS5?

Propsero was the interior codename at Sony for the PS5 (and/or its SDK). The title (or, on this case, stylized as “Prosper0”) has been utilized by a number of builders hackers to establish PS5 particular instruments and code that they’ve constructed for it.

Propser0gdb is Sleirsgoevy’s debugging device for the PS5 Jailbreak. It was added to his bd-jb implementation in early October 2022.

PS5 BD-JB exploit – What’s new with this launch

Sleirsgoevy added reminiscence map (mmap) performance to his toolset, which lets us entry information in reminiscence, to then dump these information (with the included SELF dumper utility).

Zecoxao has shared a collection of information dumped through this code:

At a fast look, there seems to be extra information than what was already dumped several months ago through the webkit exploit.


Since a few of the content material is totally decrypted, people on the scene have gone via the information in debuggers to have a look at them, similar to PS4 developer OSM:

OSM has stated some devkit-related code nonetheless exists in retail libraries. This might assist hackers with additional analysis.

I do assume comparable instruments may very well be simply created for the Webkit exploit as properly, it’s probably solely a matter of one of many hackers engaged on the webkit model to port them.

Update blocker by 68Logic

In an unrelated launch, 68Logic has released an elf payload for the webkit exploit, which blocks Firmware updates. This works by making a folder the place the momentary replace file ought to usually be downloaded by the console. Since the console can’t overwrite the folder, it doesn’t obtain the replace.

Although this payload is good progress, Al-Azif has talked about that Sony know concerning the trick and now delete such folders earlier than making an attempt the obtain, it’s unclear if it actually works as anticipated. We do advise individuals to not rely an excessive amount of on this for now and as a substitute setup their exploit environment in order to block the right IPs.

PS5 Self Dumper + Decrypted System Files + Update Blocker Downloads

As a reminder, to run a few of these instruments you will want a hackable PS5.

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