Random: Great Scott! These Splatoon 3 Rewards Sure Look Familiar

Back to the Future
Image: Universal Pictures

Splatoon 3 channels all kinds of younger and hip themes, but it surely appears the third entry has additionally taken some inspiration from quite a few common films from the Nineteen Eighties. Warning: potential spoilers forward!

As observed by quite a few Inklings and Octolings throughout a number of social media platforms, the newest outing has some objects and rewards that seemingly pay tribute to films like Back to the Future, Star Wars and even perhaps Ghostbusters.

Apart from Marty McFly’s visor and the Doc’s glasses, it appears Splatoon 3 might also have a reference to the ‘Keymaster helmet’ from Ghostbusters (identified in-game because the Brain Strainer) and the Rebel pilot helmets featured in Star Wars (often called the “Astro helmet” in-game). Below are some extra pictures of this Grizzco gear:

What do you consider these things? Will you be carrying them in battle? Comment beneath.

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